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Accounting & Consulting

  • ​Financial Statement Reporting                                                

  • Fixed Asset Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting

  • QuickBooks File Review, Training, and Support                     

  • Bookkeeping and Account Reconciliation

  • Temporary employment for any Accounting/Finance position

  • Project Management

  • System implementation

  • Internal control evaluation, implementation and monitoring

  • Personnel training

  • Clean-up and organization of office files and back log. 

  •  Evaluation of the overall business process and suggest areas of improvement and assist in the implementation of process efficiencies.

Tax Planning & Preparation

  • ​Small Business

  • Sole Proprietor

  • Individual

Retirement Planning

  • Investment research and advice on employer 401k fund options

  • Guidance on additional investing options aside from 401k

Credit Score Repair, Finance Management & Budget Analysis

  • An individual's credit score has a significant impact on the lifestyle that can be acquired.  Many people get overwhelmed or discouraged when trying to improve their credit score because this process can be tedious.  Allow me to relieve the stress and perform this process for you.  Together, we can customize a plan that is affordable and works for you!  Improving your credit score not only allows you and your family live a healthier lifestyle but it gives you the financial freedom you need to have a peace of mind.  Pricing varies since there are many factors involved in the credit repair process, but this service has a free consultation with no obligation to obtain services.

  • Are you following your budget and still coming up short for your bills?  For a low fee of $50, I will analyze your budget, expenses and income and together we can isolate the problem and create a long term solution that works.

  • If finances is not your area, I can create a budget that fits your lifestyle and accommodates your short-term and long-term financial goals.